Patola Saree - A Symbol of Pride and Dazzling Beauty from Gujarat

Patola Saree - A Symbol of Pride and Dazzling Beauty from Gujarat

In a diverse country like India, where we can find immense diversity in culture, traditions, languages, and food, we can also witness diversification in clothing. Every state of India has been the place of origin for various clothing and fabrics with its unique charm. We have discussed one such elegant piece of beautiful clothing from Gujarat, called Patola Saree, in this article. Further, we have listed several types you would like to consider while choosing a new patola design. And we are sure it will bring you a royal feel while attending family functions, social gatherings, or celebrations.

Patan Patola Sarees

Patola Sarees are world-famous clothing made from silk and originated from Patan, Gujarat. They are also called Patan Patola Sarees. And they have a double ikat design which means both sides of the saree have hand-woven designs.

These sarees are hand-made in Patan and Rajkot of Gujarat only by a few families. Since the production of these sarees is limited and requires special techniques and arduous labor, they are not just expensive but invaluable.

Patola Silk Saree brings an eye-catching and tremendous look to its bearer. If you show up at a party dressed in a silk saree with a patola pattern, then no one will be able to take their eyes away from you that easily. They bring a feel of Royalty and a symbol of high status.

In several parts of India, brides dress up in a wedding patola saree. They believe it will bring a good omen to the new couple and keep evil spirits away from the happy family.

History of Patan Patola

Around the 12th century, about 700 weavers of Salvi Caste from Maharashtra and Karanataka moved to Patan in Gujarat to acquire royal patronage from Solanki Rajputs. Solanki Rajputs were in power during those days in Gujarat and some parts of Rajasthan.

In ancient tradition, It was required for the kings and queens to look exquisite and dress in a certain way. The King gave employment to those 700 Salvi weavers and asked them to weave clothes for the royal family using smooth silk. That resulted in Patan Patola Sarees.

Even after the Solanki rule ended, those weavers continued to settle down there as a hub for their trade. Only a few families knew the correct techniques to produce each saree with a unique patola pattern. They continue to pass down these techniques and knowledge to their future generations.

Making of Sarees with Patola Pattern

These sarees are also known as “Queen of Silks.” Weavers make these fabrics from patola silk, natural colors, and jari. Jari (or zari) is a complex and delicate art of weaving threads made up of fine gold or silver linings in fabrics made up of silk. And for coloring, only natural dyes are used like turmeric, indigo, Katha, catechu, pomegranate skin, marigold, and others.

The tie & dye of these sarees requires a specific technique. And that is known only to those few families located in Patan and Rajkot. These sarees are hand-made, and the weaving and designing of these clothes are long and tedious work. It takes months of labor and unique skills to produce these sarees. And for them, all the effort is worth it as the end product is so beautifully pleasing.

Patola Types and Designs That You Should Try

There are two types of patola based on their origins, i.e.;

  • Patan Patola – Double ikat – both horizontally and vertically-resist dyed
  • Rajkot Patola – Single ikat – only vertically-resist dyed

And there are several sub-types of sarees based on their designs, as mentioned below.

  1. Navratna
  2. Manekchowk
  3. Narikunj
  4. Panchanda
  5. Chhabdi bhat
  6. Ambadi Hathi or Hathi ki sawari

You can choose suitable ones for different occasions like sangeet, weddings, casuals, parties, social gatherings, and festivals. Women all over India often look for a new patola saree design to make an ever-lasting impression on any occasion they visit. 


Patan Patola Saree has been traded in the Indian market for 700 years and will never be out of fashion. And every age group of ladies from young to old-age women wears these sarees for special occasions. Now you are aware of the beauty & elegance of these sarees and their new patola designs available in the market. We are sure you will love to have them in your cupboard waiting to come out on special occasions. You can order your double ikat patola sarees online and get ready to awe-inspire everyone with your new royal look.

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